Freedom is not something to be held close, but given to all.

Saturday, July 31, 2004

Kerry vs. the Marines

Wow. Even these Marines have not respect for Hanoi John. Kerry may jet win the election, but I doubt he will have nearly the support and admiration from the Military (and the rest of the country) that he thinks he will have. Oh, Hollywood will love him. Michael Moore will love him. But the rest of the U.S. will most likely turn up its nose at him.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Wow. I need a shower

After watching that love fest at the DemocRATic National Convention.  So much manure being spread around.  Does anyone really believe that Kerry/Edwards will be tough on terrorism?  Anybody really believe their tripe about "there are two Americas, we need to be one America?"  Plkease.  These guys made a career of lying and pandering.  I don't believe them for a second. 

Noticed that the cinematographic blob, Michael Moore (what an appropriate name, since there is so much more of him than most people...) notes that he would not show up at the Crawford screening of "F9/11" cause he wanted people to see the film, and not be caught up in the hoopla if he showed up.  More likely, he knew what would happen to his communist ass if he showed up in Crawford.  He made movies about American's love of guns.  Texans live, eat, drink, and breathe with the 2nd amendment in mind.  Forget "Bowling for Columbine," Texans would play "shoot the blimp."  Even at 50 yards, that fat ass would be hard to miss.


Tuesday, July 27, 2004

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A Texas-based Muslim charity and seven of its directors and fund-raisers have been charged with supporting the militant Palestinian group Hamas and with money laundering and conspiracy.

A federal grand jury in Dallas returned the 42 charges against the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development and the seven men in an indictment unsealed on Tuesday.
"Today, a U.S.-based charity that claims to do good works is charged with funding the works of evil," Attorney General John Ashcroft told a news conference.

Wow.  In Texas no less.  In the old days there wouldn't even be an indictment.  No trial.  Cut throught the bullshit and string the muthas up.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Shove it?????

Teresa Heinz told a reporter to "shove it" after he asked her to clarify a remark she made in front of reporters.  While I don't ordinarily mind people speaking their mind, I am not impressed that she made the remark RIGHT AFTER giving a talk about how there needs to be more "civility" in politics.

While we should all respect Ms. Heinz' right to voice her opinion, we should also wonder about the judgment of such an utterance.  If not the judgment, maybe the timing?

Weird.  Welcome to the twilight zone, people.


Sunday, July 25, 2004

Can you say "Conflict of interest?"

Noticed that there's news ou there that some wealthy Palestinans (WTF?  I thought they were all poor and downtrodden????) obtained concrete at rock bottom prices and are supplying the Israelis at a huge profit....for the alleged "apartheid" wall.  Guess if you can live with the fact that your "poor and oppressed" population will probably flay you, then you should go for it.  Personally, I think it's a great idea for Israel to build a barrier seperating their population from the Palestinian Suicide Squads.  What I think is strange and hypocritical is the UN voting to try to force Israel to tear down the barrier.  Especially when you consider that the UN is building barriers around its compound in NYC.  Welcome to CrazyWorld, as the ads say.....

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Caught by Candid Camera

What were they thinking?  Several Palestinian terrorists decided that blowing up an Israeli troop vehicle, then proudly displayed the remains (namely, a severed head.).  Well, that terrorist got his own car swarm after Israeli missile attacks.  Guess he wasn't smart enough to hide from the video cameras as he was showing of his prize.  In any event, one less killer to worry about....
dumb dead terrorists...


What is going on here?

I seem to remember that the President of the US, at the outset of the War on Terror, told all of us that the war would take many forms, some easily recognizable, others not so easily recognizable.  We see that the anti-Bush morons are continually out in force, screaming their opinions in my ear at every opportunity.  When I politely ask them to cease and desist, I get a look like I had jst violated their first amendment rights( not possible, as I don't hold any government post, and the first amendment prohibits the GOVERNMENT from restricting free speech).
I see that the L³ crowd thinks that it might be cute to try to disrupt the political conventions by smearing themselves with volatile materials(gunpowder, etc).  Yeah, this is real smart.  Make people with big dogs and guns mad.  Real smart.  Lemme know how it goes, idiots.
Call or email your local newspaper, ask them why they aren't carrying the editorial cartoons of Cox & Forkum These guys know how it goes.  They pull no punches, and they definitely aren't part of the PC crowd.