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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Wow. I need a shower

After watching that love fest at the DemocRATic National Convention.  So much manure being spread around.  Does anyone really believe that Kerry/Edwards will be tough on terrorism?  Anybody really believe their tripe about "there are two Americas, we need to be one America?"  Plkease.  These guys made a career of lying and pandering.  I don't believe them for a second. 

Noticed that the cinematographic blob, Michael Moore (what an appropriate name, since there is so much more of him than most people...) notes that he would not show up at the Crawford screening of "F9/11" cause he wanted people to see the film, and not be caught up in the hoopla if he showed up.  More likely, he knew what would happen to his communist ass if he showed up in Crawford.  He made movies about American's love of guns.  Texans live, eat, drink, and breathe with the 2nd amendment in mind.  Forget "Bowling for Columbine," Texans would play "shoot the blimp."  Even at 50 yards, that fat ass would be hard to miss.



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