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Sunday, September 26, 2004

cAn't believe it...

John F'n Kerry thinks he can steal the election. The DNC is working over time to set up voter fraud in key battleground states.

John Kerry is ripping on Bush for his landing on the deck of the Lincoln last year. John Kerry is just jealous cause he never had the BALLS to do it himself. Kerry is desperate to be President. He will say anything to be President. Problem is, he's like a dog that chases cars. Imagine a dog that chased a car actually catching it. Friggin' dog wouldn't have a clue as to what to do next.

Think about it. Kerry has done NOTHING of any consequence ever since entering politics, and now he wants to swing the big bat?


Saturday, September 18, 2004

And the stupidity (or treason) continues

I'm finding it extremely hard to believe that John Kerry is as stupid (or treasonous) as he is truly beginning to appear. From Yahoo News and our good friends at the ASSociated Press:

Kerry: Bush Has Secret Troop Call-Up Plan
2 hours, 16 minutes ago
By NEDRA PICKLER, Associated Press Writer
BOSTON - Democratic presidential challenger John Kerry (
news - web sites) said President Bush (news - web sites) has a secret plan to call up more National Guard and Reserve troops immediately after the election, an allegation that the Bush campaign called "false and ridiculous."

This is something interesting. If it is true that President Bush is planning a call up of Guard and Reserve troops for Iraq, then this would be tantamount to treason, as Kerry is openly reporting US military plans and troop movements. Kerry should be placed on trial, not running for President of the United States.

If this is untrue, as the White House claims, then Kerry is exposed again as a liar (remember the Cambodian Christmas?) and he is again, UNFIT for the highest office in the land.

Can the Kerry campaign be any more stupid or reckless?

Friday, September 17, 2004

I could have told you this

John Kerry is a sports "poser."

We see Kerry making like he knows about sporting activities, but he doesn't.

Latest Example: He refers to Lambeau Field as Lambert Field.

Jeez. What a maroon.

I mean. Really. OK if it is an obscure team like the Tennessee Titans. But the PACK????

And I ain't even from Wisconsin. I ain't no cheesehead. But I know where the Pack plays.

Monday, September 13, 2004

This is why we don't trust the media

For a very long time now, the average American hasn't placed a whole lot of trust in the mainstream media. In recent memory, wev'e had the tailwind scandal, the fake Hitler diaries, the Jayson Blair plaigarism, the Dateline NBC Chevy truck fiasco, Chris Matthews (anytime), and now we have Dan Rather aiding and abetting in a government document forgery. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Rather insists thast the documents are genuine. Never mind the fact that the "source" cited claims the documents are fake, never mind the fact that the documents have been scoured by several experts and discredited as fakes, never mind that the typewriter that supposedly created the documents doesn't freaking exist. Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs has proven, extensively, that the documents are fake.

Dan Rather needs to come clean. He knows he's been caught. The only question is when will he admit the botched attempt at stealing the election for Kerry?

Write CBS News and let them know what you think.

Thursday, September 09, 2004


Can it be that CBS News is trying to pull a "Dateline NBC?" Strangely enough, the Memo that predates word processing software has been shown to be identical to a document typed in today's Microsoft Word. Now, those of you that remember typewriters know that these machines, while impressive, didn't have the same level of accuracy when it comes to character and line spacing. Can the Kerry campaign and CBS be so desperate so as to forge documents? You bet they can be.

Monday, September 06, 2004

A stupid Question

From an online sampling over at the Newsweek website:
Has what you've seen or heard about John Kerry's military service record in the Vietnam War made you more likely or less likely to vote for him in November, or has it not had much effect either way?

1. More likely
2. Less likely
3. Not much effect
4. Not aware of it
5. Don't know

Who hasn't heard that John Kerry was in Vietnam? Anybody? Anybody? Beuller?

John Kerry continues on his consistent path

Of course, I did a little editing it's all in parentheses(for those LLL's who don't know what parentheses are, they are the little brackets you see here. The are commonly used to add exra or clarifying thoughts, especially after reading a large pile of horseshit like what appears on the NYT website.) and bolded so no one can accuse me of stealing stories, like the typical NYT hack.

From the New York Times website:

CANONSBURG, Pa. (Reuters) - Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry on Monday called the invasion of Iraq ``the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time'' and said his goal was to withdraw U.S. troops in a first White House term.

(After winning, right, John? John?......sound of crickets....)

Under pressure from some Democrats to change the subject from national security -- regarded by many as President Bush's strength -- Kerry tried to focus on the economy and other domestic issues at a neighborhood meeting in Canonsburg, but members of the audience raised Iraq.

(And of course, John Kerry reminded us, cause we might have forgotten, that he spent four months in Vietnam, earned 5 medals and has shrapnel in his leg...)

In Racine, West Virginia, Kerry assailed Bush's record, repeatedly telling a Labor Day rally the ``W'' in Bush's name stood for ``wrong -- wrong choices, wrong judgment, wrong priorities, wrong direction for our country'' on everything from jobs to Iraq.

(We can play that game, what the "F" in John F Kerry is for: "fucked up choices, fucked up judgement, fucked up priorities, fucked up direction for our country...)

Kerry was trying to reinvigorate his campaign with a Labor Day offensive in three battleground states -- Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio -- after weekend polls showed him trailing Bush by double digits.

(trailing? More like being obliterated...)

The Massachusetts senator, who has said he would have voted to give Bush the authority to use force if necessary against Saddam Hussein even if he had known at the time that the Iraqi leader had no weapons of mass destruction, has struggled to draw clear contrasts with the president.

(yeah, sure, but that was so two weeks ago....)

``I would not have done just one thing differently than the president on Iraq, I would have done everything differently than the president on Iraq,'' Kerry said.

(Ignore, surrender, you get the idea...)
He denied that he was ``Monday morning quarterbacking.'' (That's cause he doesn't understand the term; John Kerry plays croquet)

The Bush campaign said Kerry had ``demonstrated nothing but indecision and vacillation'' on Iraq.''
``I said this from the beginning of the debate to the walk up to the war,'' Kerry told supporters. ``I said, Mr. President don't rush to war, take the time to build a legitimate coalition and have a plan to win the peace.''

(And give the enemy time to purchase more and more weapons from their buddies in France, right?)

He said Bush had failed on all three counts. He called the president's talk about a coalition fighting alongside about 125,000 U.S. troops ``the phoniest thing I've ever heard.''

(As opposed to your comment about how your SUV wasn't yours?)

``You've about 500 troops here, 500 troops there and it's American troops that are 90 percent of the combat casualties and it's American taxpayers that are paying 90 percent of the cost of the war,'' he said. ``It's the wrong war, in the wrong place at the wrong time.''

(Like there's a right time and place for war? C'mon, dummy, nobody wants war, but we'd rather wage it on our terms than the enemy's. Better to fight them over there, than to fight them over here. Or would you rather sit on your ass watching the Pentagon, Halls of Congress and the White House burn? Is that what you want? Think in more than two dimensional terms, stupid. We have the terrorist entity engaged in Iraq. They are transfixed on getting us out. They not doing anything here because of our engagement in Iraq. I'm not trying to draw a connection between Saddam and Osama, that's a different argument, but the terrorist entity is mre drawn to Iraq at this time. If we hadn't engaged them in the Middle East, on their doorstep, we would be engaging them here.)

Bush, headed for a Labor Day swing into the battleground state of Missouri, accused his rival of changing his position on Iraq after bringing in new advisers to boost his campaign.
``After voting for the war but against funding it, after saying he would have voted for the war even knowing everything we know today, my opponent woke up this morning with new campaign advisers and yet another new position. Suddenly he's against it again,'' Bush said in remarks prepared for delivery at a campaign rally in Poplar Bluff, Missouri.

(Well it is a new day. Give it some time, Mr. President, he'll change his mind again...)

With many Democrats outside Kerry's team urging him to take steps to revitalize his White House bid, Kerry moved John Sasso, a longtime adviser, from the Democratic National Committee to a top job inside his campaign.
Sasso will travel with the candidate through the Nov. 2 election. Several ex-aides to President Bill Clinton also were added recently, including former White House press secretary Joe Lockhart and Joel Johnson, a former senior White House aide.
A Kerry campaign spokesman said it was simply an expansion of staff for the final two-month race.
Kerry, like Bush, promised that the United States would stay the course until Iraq was secure, saying: ``We have to do what we need to do to get out and do it right.''

(Uhhhhh, that'd be uhhhhh, win? like we are doing? Sure, there's terrorism, but the situation in Iraq improves day by day. Can Kerry honestly say that isn't happening?)

He pledged to internationalize the forces in Iraq and do a better job of fighting the war on terror.
He also said Washington should make it clear to the world that the United States had no ``long-term designs to maintain bases and troops in Iraq.''

(John, define "long term.")

``We want those troops home and my goal would be to try to get them home in my first term and I believe that can be done,'' he said.
If Kerry were to beat Bush in the Nov. 2 presidential election, his first four-year term would end in January 2009.

(Knowing John Kerry, the troops will be removed from Iraq before the the Ryder truck moving his belongings from his house to the White House leaves....)

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Stunning....simply stunning

Words escape me.

Zell Miller. Old Democrat. Now here's a man who knows what needs to be said. And he isn't afraid to say it