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Saturday, July 24, 2004

What is going on here?

I seem to remember that the President of the US, at the outset of the War on Terror, told all of us that the war would take many forms, some easily recognizable, others not so easily recognizable.  We see that the anti-Bush morons are continually out in force, screaming their opinions in my ear at every opportunity.  When I politely ask them to cease and desist, I get a look like I had jst violated their first amendment rights( not possible, as I don't hold any government post, and the first amendment prohibits the GOVERNMENT from restricting free speech).
I see that the L³ crowd thinks that it might be cute to try to disrupt the political conventions by smearing themselves with volatile materials(gunpowder, etc).  Yeah, this is real smart.  Make people with big dogs and guns mad.  Real smart.  Lemme know how it goes, idiots.
Call or email your local newspaper, ask them why they aren't carrying the editorial cartoons of Cox & Forkum These guys know how it goes.  They pull no punches, and they definitely aren't part of the PC crowd.


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