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Monday, September 13, 2004

This is why we don't trust the media

For a very long time now, the average American hasn't placed a whole lot of trust in the mainstream media. In recent memory, wev'e had the tailwind scandal, the fake Hitler diaries, the Jayson Blair plaigarism, the Dateline NBC Chevy truck fiasco, Chris Matthews (anytime), and now we have Dan Rather aiding and abetting in a government document forgery. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Rather insists thast the documents are genuine. Never mind the fact that the "source" cited claims the documents are fake, never mind the fact that the documents have been scoured by several experts and discredited as fakes, never mind that the typewriter that supposedly created the documents doesn't freaking exist. Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs has proven, extensively, that the documents are fake.

Dan Rather needs to come clean. He knows he's been caught. The only question is when will he admit the botched attempt at stealing the election for Kerry?

Write CBS News and let them know what you think.


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