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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Martha Stewart-Free at last!

The domestic diva, Martha Stewart, is due to be released from prison at any moment. Was she made an example of in front of the entire nation? Of course she was. Did she deserve jail time? Perhaps. But in an age when violent offenders are sent to work camps, and even more lenient sentences are handed out to wifebeaters and other miscreants, it seems that any jail time for a 63 year old woman was a stupid idea.

The US Supreme Court (well, five morons who happened to be lucky enough to be chosen, anyway) gives a free pass to Kids who Kill, and allow grandmas who lie to federal agents to be sent to prison. Yep, our government is out there protecting us from women who dump shitty stocks, while your grandma is being killed by brats whose parents never learned to keep their kids in line. Color me impressed.

On a side note, Usama bin Laden is telling his little minion to attack the United States. Formal Announcement: Terrorists, come to Texas, PLEASE! We'll welcome you and give you the hospitality you so richly deserve. We'll have lots of fun, show you the sights, and if you're lucky, we'll let you date some of our wimmin...

Islamists...Fuck YOU!


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