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Monday, February 21, 2005

Amazing. Thank God I live in Texas

Apparently, Congressman Maurice Hinchey (Moonbat, NY) has decided that he wants to join the tinfoil hat society. Here it is, almost the end of February, and this guy seems to think it'd be a "hoot" to go after George Bush on the whole "TANG, AWOL, Memo, Dan Rather" fiasco. Never mind that this whole thing was completely discredited by many sources, including Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs, nooooooooo, this schmuck wants to revisit the whole issue.

Here's the best part: He has no evidence. He has no evidence that Bush did anything wrong. Further, he makes unsubstantiated (read: no evidence) charges that the EEEEEvil Karl Rove was behind the whole Memoscam perpetrated by Dan Rather & CBS.

He has NO evidence.

I have one question for the (not so honorable) Congressman:

When did you stop molesting children in the basement dungeon of your house?

I think you've been molesting children. I, of course, have no proof, but apparently, I don't need to according to your ethics and morals.



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