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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Iran, Russia Sign Nuclear Fuel Deal Opposed by U.S.

All I can say right now is what in the blue hell is Putin thinking?

This idiot must be on some serious crack if he wants to send nuclear fuel to the mad mullahs of Iran. Maybe he ain't up on current events, given that Russia is still a nation whose backwardness makes The Sudan look absolutely modern, but come on! Giving nuclear fuel to Iran is akin to giving a Mafia button man a rifle, bullet and a photograph.

Of course, the United States is against this move, and should strongly urge (i.e. armtwist) Putin to back out on this ill-advised agreement.

On the other hand, I seriously doubt that Israel is going to stand for this, and will back up their own convictions with some major military hardware. Remember, these are the folks who took out the Iraqi nuclear reactor with an airstrike. Now, this time, it ain't going to be so easy, but with a little ordnance assistance from the United States, it should not be too difficult to take out the new reactor.

Help us, oh Israel!


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