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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Cry me a frickin river.....

Captives allege religious abusePrisoners at Guantánamo Bay have complained of anti-Islamic abuses by guards and interrogators, including defilement of the Koran.BY CAROL ROSENBERG
Captives at the Guantánamo Bay prison are alleging that guards kicked and stomped on Korans and cursed Allah, and that interrogators punished them by taking away their pants, knowing that would prevent them from praying.
Guards also mocked captives at prayer and censored Islamic books, the captives allege. And in one incident, they say, a prison barber cut a cross-shaped patch of hair on an inmate's head.

Wow. That's just horrible. These atrocities are just horrible. The minor crimes committed on Americans pale in comparison to these....NOT!

Take a look at something committed in the name of their barking moon-god.

islamofascists. F*ck 'em


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