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Monday, November 01, 2004

...and so here we are

Tomorrow is the big day. Tomorrow, you have a choice to make, if you haven't already done so. Your vote is important, even if you live in what the pundits would call a "safe" state. I live in Texas, where the outcome is truly a foregone conclusion. Why did I vote? Because I want not only an electoral victory for George W Bush, I want a conclusive popular vote for him. I don't want the Michael Moores of the country to be able to spout their message of hate for the next four years. I want us to send a message to the enemy, and make no mistake, the Islamofascists are the enemy. They have tried time and time again to destroy our way of life. When we didn't roll over like was done in the Clinton Administration, they tried to turn up the heat and gained the assistance of our fifth column media and helped to hijack the once great Democratic Party. Have you ever wondered why it was that John Kerry didn't receive his "honorable" discharge until years after he was drummed out of the service? Could it be that his original discharge was not honorable? Time will tell, but if John Kerry is elected to the Presidency, you can be it will be hidden for all time.

Vote. Vote George W. Bush. For America.


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