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Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Bush is victorious. The campaign is over. Kerry is embarrassed and slinks back to his sugar mama for comfort.

Hats off to America


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read your post on LGF about the MSM being our main problem and agree. If not for their brazen attempt to support Kerry and hide his record he would have never been a candidate in the first place.
They are being replaced to some degree as news sources but to the average person they are still the main source of information.
I am not a conspiracy sort of person but the actions in the past year of the MSM have left no doubt that there was no accident in their continual support of Kerry. Anyone who can't see this either hasn't been watching or doesn't care or can't confront the truth ( they make excuses). This is a direct threat to our country. Look at the damage done worldwide by the leftist message that has fueled the hatred of Bush.
I'm not sure what steps should be taken but I'll certainly try to help if I can. If our Founding Fathers could see this they would be alarmed and out in force to overcome it. We must do the same.
Carl Benson

10:53 AM


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