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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Kerry says he won't tour Charley damage in Florida

NEDRA PICKLER--Associated Press

HOOD RIVER, Ore. - Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry does not plan to visit Florida in the aftermath of Hurricane Charley because he's concerned his campaign entourage could distract from recovery efforts, he said Saturday.
President Bush plans a Sunday tour of areas hit by the hurricane. Bush declared a state of emergency at the request of his brother, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, and Kerry said he supports their efforts.
Kerry said he has instructed his Florida campaign staff to provide food, clothing, shelter or other assistance to people whose lives have been disrupted by the hurricane.
"For the moment, our focus is on all of the police and response personnel necessary not being diverted from a visitor and really focusing on the recovery itself," Kerry said.
"Teresa and I are really thinking about those folks and our prayers and our thoughts are with them in the next hours," he said. "And we hope very, very much that the recovery can proceed as rapidly as possible and lives can be put back together."

He doesn't want his campaign entourage to distract from recovery efforts? Sheesh, DON'T BRING THEM, YOU DUMBASS! You are right, though. The last thing Florida needs is your campaign entourage. So leave them at home. It's OK to do that you know...

This guy says exactly the wrong thing at the wrong time, and the press gives him a pass.
President Bush pronounces "nuclear" as "nucular" and the media whores rage. By the way, "nucular" is perfectly acceptable in polite Texas society. Don't give me any crap about Texans being hicks. It's called a dialect. Every region of this country has its own. Ask any Bostonian to say "yard, car, or bar."


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