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Sunday, August 08, 2004

My declaration

As you might have guessed from the last few entries (like anyone is reading????) I tend to be a little right of center. So it's probably no big surprise that I am throwing my support behind George W Bush for reelection this year. Maybe if the DemocRATs had bothered to send up Joe Lieberman (now that's a man with guts!), I would have been happy to look a little closer, but Kerry is just too much for me to take. He is an unprincipled man. He stands for nothing, and for everything all at once. Forget George's 7 minutes of inaction, John Kerry had 40 minutes of stunned stupid silence. This guy wants to be our President? Within minutes of Reagan getting shot, Al Haig declared himself to be "in control" of the White House. OK, so he didn't have "constitutional control," but he was the man in charge at that moment. Kerry votes against our troops, then has the gall to pronounce that "he voted for it before he voted against it.

Kerry married into money. Is this how he proposes we eliminate our budget deficit, by merging with Switzerland? Remember he did say he wanted the government run the same way as people in America run their households, right? OK, let's look at that for a second. Most folk in America DO run a deficit. It's called having a credit card. Or MORE than just "a" credit card. The average household in the US DOES run a deficit every month.

Think about it....


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