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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Kerry won't defend the United States

A tough charge to prove, but our friends at Newsmax uncovered this little tidbit when Kerry was the Lt Governor of the Kennedy Mafia home base:

"Whereas the existing and potential strength of nuclear weapons is such that nuclear war can neither be won nor survived, it can only be prevented; and Whereas the only effective defense against the horrors of nuclear weapons lies in their elimination and in the prevention of nuclear war or attacks, [the Commonwealth of Massachusetts] shall seek to ensure the safety of its citizens by pursuit of policies reflecting a serious commitment to prevention of nuclear war."
"Such policies," the Kerry directive continued, "shall include education of citizens concerning the real nature of nuclear war and efforts to influence national policy towards negotiation of an end to the nuclear-arms race."
The Kerry order stated emphatically, however: "No funds shall be expended by the Commonwealth for crisis relocation planning for nuclear war."

But he fought in Vietnam, right? He's a war hero, right?

Teresa Heinz-Kerry, your husband is just like Dukakis.


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