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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Australia's Howard wins reelection

Glad to see that one of our strongest allies in the Global War on Terror has been reelected. Now if we can be so fortunate as to keep George Bush in Washington and send John F'n Kerry back to the Senate so he can sleep away the remainder of his sorry political career.

After all, that's what he's done, right?

When he decides to show up for Senate Sessions and committee meetings, he sends up rediculous ideas, such as cutting intelligence RIGHT AFTER the first WTC bombing in 1993. He votes to cut defense spending, he votes against our troops getting the equipment and funds with which to fight in Iraq.

Why are we even CONSIDERING this dolt for President? Tax policies? He'll raise your taxes. If you think he won't, then you're drinking the Kool-Aid.

Think he'll somehow get Frawnce and Deutschland to somehow work with us on Iraq? Think again. Those two "allies" have already gone on record that they will not help us. Why should they? We cut off their bribe money (as if there was a doubt?) from Saddam Hussein.

Think he'll magically create jobs in America? Name one policy that he would enact that would create jobs. He spouts this nice protectionist claptrap, but in the end, HE wants to outsource jobs too.

Upset about the 17% increase in Medicare premiums? Guess what? John Kerry voted FOR the increase back in 1997, as a part of the "Save Medicare" crisis that loomed over the program.

Geez.....the only reason some of these idiots want to vote for Kerry is because they hate Bush. Nice to know they hold the same sentiments as Mr. al-Zaqwari (however that bastard's name is spelled).


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